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Bamburi Brands

Cement, in all its many forms, is at the heart of building. It is the common base material used for casting concrete, bricklaying, rendering and screeding, and so plays a major part in nearly all construction projects.


Bamburi Cement Limited produces a readily available range of packed and bulk products with attributes and performance characteristics that fulfil the requirements of many different types of application.

Bulk Cement

Bamburi bulk products are readily available, with attributes and performance characteristics that fulfil the requirements of many different types of application.


Our bulk products are backed by an extensive sales and technical support network that includes specification, application and health and safety advice.


For further information on our bulk products including downloadable datasheets, see below:

1. Nguvu

2. PowerMax 

3. PowerPlus

4. PowerCrete 


  1. ROADCEM is a pioneering Hydraulic Road Binder in East Africa. It has been designed and developed with the intent to stabilise and improve physical and mechanical properties of soil in road construction works. It can also be used for waste stabilisation. It is ideal for treatment and stabilisation of road bases, sub-bases, capping layers, subgrades, platforms for parking, airstrip runways and more.


    Powercrete is the first 52.5 grade cement in the region. It sets the standard for strength in cement and is especially ideal for high strength applications such as rialway sleepers, skyscraper foundations, precast slabs and beams, bridges, overpasses, windmill foundations, heavy-duty industrial floors, pre-stressed or post-tensioned concrete and more.


    Structural Applications/Reinforced concrete

    • Prestressed concrete railway sleepers
    • Post-tensioning and prestressed slabs and beams
    • Poles and centrifugally spun precast concrete pipes
    • Bridges 
    • Overpasses/ viaducts
    • Windmill foundations
    • Large precast concrete elements
    • Raft foundations for skyscrapers
    • Self compacting concrete 
    • High rise structures, silos and slip formworks
    • High strength concrete for columns, suspended slabs, heavy duty industrial floors and water retaining structures
    • Ordinary foundations, slabs, beams and columns

  3. PowerPLUS 42,5 N cement is traditionally known as Ordinary Portland Cement. Powerplus cement is utilized very efficiently in medium to large construction projects to optimize performance. These applications require good technical ability, quality control and experience to design concrete mixes.


    Structural Applications/Reinforced concrete

    • High rise buildings and structures
    • Bridges
    • Fast track construction Projects
    • Spun pipe manufacturing
    • Post- tensioning and pre-stressing slabs and beams
    • Pre- cast manufacturing
    • Slipforming
    • Silos
    • Foundations


    PowerMAX 42,5 is a premium cement that combines excellent strength performance at all ages with versatility and enhanced durability benefits. PowerMAX 42,5 combines high technical performance for large projects with all round versatility for the small user. The characteristics of superior workability, high early and 28-day strengths in particular makes PowerMAX 42,5 the effective solution to the productivity demands of construction projects. The attribute of low heat of hydration reduces the risk of cracking in large concrete pours with lowered peak temperatures at all ages.


    Applications for Power Max 42,5

    • For High Concrete Strength:Bridges, High-rise structures
    • For Large Projects: Dam/reservoir, Construction, Massive Beams, Columns and Slip, Form Works
    • For Soil Stabilisation
    • Foundation Works
    • For Ordinary Constructions

  5. Nguvu CEM IV/B(P) 32,5N is a Pozzolanic Cement with wide range of applications from domestic concrete to large building projects. Its good strength performance makes it suitable for both general purpose and structural concrete applications.


    Structural Applications/Reinforced concrete

    • Suspended slabs
    • Beams
    • Columns
    • Foundations
    • Water retaining structures
    • Pre cast concrete members

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Industrial ecology

Alternative Fuels

At Bamburi Cement Limited, we have been working to reduce the environmental impact of its activities by finding ways to obtain value from waste products.

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