All about Blocks


BamburiBlox Benefits

Our product range for heavy duties comply with KS02-827 and carry the KBS (Kenya Bureau of Standards) Diamond Mark of Quality. All other dutie4s comply with our in house set standards. The BamburiBlox have a guarantee of up to 15 years and are available in a wide range of shapes fixed in different designs and a range of colours.


1. Cost

Low maintainance

Average life 5 times asphalts

Life cost 45% less than asphalt

Reduced lighting cost due to excellent surface reflectivity


2. Safety

Lower, but different noise level

Built in skid resistance and improved traction for safer rides

Even riding, smooth textures- they ensure seldom potholes


3. Simplicity

Easy to lay (low skill requirements and good dimensional accuracy)

Easy to transport

No expensive laying equipment needed


4. Durability and Strength

All our heavy duty BamburiBlox carries the diamond mark of quality

Resistant to : abrasion, high temperatures, petroleum products, skidding


5. Local and Environmental

Labour based construction (creates employment opportunity)

Recycable saving scarce material