Bamburi Special Products - Customer Service

Bamburi Groups primary commitment is to our Customers. By focusing on their needs and continually improving the quality and performance of our products and services, we aim to build long-term successful business relationships. Our systematic interaction with everyone in the construction chin enables us to develop relevant innovative products.


Throughout Bamburi's legacy of over 60 years of cement manufacture in East Africa, our brands have commanded leadership in customer focus across all our markets. Our local expertise is backed by Holcim's expertise and long track record in cement and concrete manufacturing and innovation.


We offer:

  • Free site surveys
  • Fast response and short lead times
  • Superior handling techniques
  • Delivery service with tidy off-loading
  • Friendly laying services
  • Maintainance advice


We use the latest techniques for loading and off-loading BamburiBlox. This ensures that your site does not look untidy with blocks strewn all over.


Laying of Blocks

We will always try to fit into its customers' program and schedules regarding site surveys, delivery and laying services. BamburiBlox are laid to customer specifications and satisfaction.


Product Guarantee

We offer product guarantee of up to 15 years against defects in materials and workmanship provided the customer complies with our ground preparation standards defects liability. A defects liability period of one year is provided on our laying services.