Customer Services


Bamburi Customer Service

Bamburi Groups primary commitment is to our Customers. By focusing on their needs and continually improving the quality and performance of our products and services, we aim to build long-term successful business relationships. Our systematic interaction with everyone in the construction chin enables us to develop relevant innovative products.


Throughout Bamburi,s legacy of over 50 years of cement manufacture in East Africa, our brands have commanded leadership in customer focus across all our markets. Our local expertise is backed by Lafarge's 170 years of cement and concrete manufacture and innovation.

Composition and Conformity

Our Ready Mix production line specialize in  consistently high quality concrete produced using high quality Bamburi Cement tested & well graded fine and course aggregates additives for special concrete charateristics.

Demystifying the Facts: Truth about the Bamburi Concrete

Myths and misconceptions are rampant in the concrete construction business. After a while, some of these myths take on a life of their own and everyone starts to take them for granted. In this article, we take a revealing look at ten popular, but completely wrong, myths that still make the rounds in concrete construction.

Technical Advice

For technical assistance on Bamburi Ready Mix Concrete contact our technical team at the Bamburi Special Products offices.