Bamburi Forest Trails


The Bamburi Forest Trails (also known as the Butterfly Farm/Pavilion) is located opposite Bamburi Beach Hotel along the Mombasa/Malindi highway. The Bamburi Forest Trails were first opened to the public in 1997. It is located opposite to Bamburi Beach Hotel along the Mombasa / Malindi Road, and is open from 7:00am to 6:00pm daily.

Lose yourself in the beautiful surrounds of a lush forest that was just under a decade ago a barren waste land stripped of all  flora and fauna. Located in the North quarry, the Bamburi Forest Trails cover a wide area of Bamburi Quarries, some already rehabilitated whilst sections are still barren and in early stages of re-forestation.

About the Bamburi Forest Trails

The Forest Trails initially started as a “one million tree project” in 1986 along the stretch between the plant and Shanzu. Mining in this area was only four metres deep.


There are 4 nature routes in the Forest Trails for cycling, jogging, walking and fitness. A 3.6 km leisure walk enables the visitor to experience alternating landscapes from empty quarries to lush forest, lakes, streams, palm grooves and plantations of indigenous trees. The integrated wetland system provides an enabling environment for the increase of the surrounding biodiversity.


This project was started in 1998 as part of the transformation from monoculture plantation in the fist phase of the rehabilitation process into diverse coastal forest ecosystems. The project was also a way of protecting the rapidly disappearing forest and bushland along the Kenyan coast.


Animals such as Sunis and Duiker antelopes, herd of Eland and Oryx are some of the animals you come across in the forest