Services offered


Night Walks

Haller Park's night life is in a class of its own with an experience of intense scents of the forest. The park literally beems with life at night, from the bush babies, genet, cats, bats, owls, hippos, fire flies and waterbucks.

Conference Facilities

The Haller Park Pavilion is an auditorium seating 80 people in a rustic setting with modern conference facilities. The serene surroundings inspire creative thinking for group sessions.

Bird Walks

Enjoy a brid safari with our ornithological guides. We have over 180 bird species that have been documented in the developing ecosystems. from the Narina Trogon to the common Golden Weaver, and a variety of waders, forest and migratory species.

Event Venues

The grounds in Haller Park and Forest Trails are ideal for team building, product launches, theme nights, weddings, birthday parties, comapny parties and retreats, family outings, concerts and all types of social events.