Land Management



Bamburi launched the quarry rehabilitation to the south of the factory in 1971, which has now become Haller Park. Haller Park - situated in Bamburi's ‘back yard' - is the company's pride and joy, setting the Plant in beautiful surroundings.

Dr. René Haller has continued to develop new projects for the other quarry sites. His vision for each quarry varies (in relation to geological and environment factors), and is taken in stages of development, each one making the ex-quarry an increasingly alluring recreational spot.

Projects Undertaken

We have the developments of The North Quarry, The Bamburi Crater Lake, The Kikambala Quarry and Nguu Tatu (Shale Quarry) at different stages throughout (as completion of mining of these areas, and hence the commencement of tree planting, was staggered) with young trees in some areas, older trees in others, and excavation still in progress in a few, making them interesting and educational tour.

Over two and a half million trees have been planted around the factory and in the quarries. These not only create a beautiful environment, but also help absorb CO2from the atmosphere.