Bio-Fuels Project- Vipingo and Diani Estates

The Biofuel project was started in Vipingo and Diani Estates located in Mombasa in 2006.




1.  Sustainably utilize Bamburi's mining  reserve land by partnering with neighbouring communities to establish  tree plantations

2.  Produce wood as fuel for the cement kilns to substitute fossil fuels & reduce fuel costs and green-house  gas emissions

3.  Create opportunities for income-generating activities for communities around Bamburi land  through:-  

  • Employment
  • Opportunity for seedling production by community nurseries; training in nursery management
  • Food security through shamba system project


Tree Development


The major tree species planted are Casuarinas and Eucalyptus Camaldulensisaldulensis. The number of trees planted in Diani to date (2011) are  1,231,733 and in Vipingo is  542,227. The next harvest is proposed to start in 2013.