Innovative solutions


Creating products that are durable and easy to use, respond to customer needs and anticipate future demands are just some of the challenges which Bamburi's research and development teams face as they work to develop innovative products which give excellent value to all of Bamburi's customers.


Maskani Initiative

The Maskani initiative is a value added service to home builders offering technical advice during the construction process. This initiative was launched in Kenya in 2015 and since then, Maskani has supported more than 2,000 customers to construct more than 10,000 housing units.

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Tel: +254 20 289 3000


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Houses of Tomorrow project

Houses of Tomorrow (HoT) is an innvoative and green construction project that Bamburi launched in a bid to fulfil our sustainable construction agenda through low-carbon based building solutions. It seeks to support our customers achieve their low-carbon construction dreams, and involves careful selection, design and use of materials which leverage low carbon standards in the overal construction, and especially application of near zero embodied energy concrete designed by incorporating low carbon carbon content cement. 

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For more information reach us on :

Tel: +254 20 289 3000


Bamburi Mobile Concrete Laboratory

To support our customers achieve quality testing of material to guarantee quality construction, the Bamburi Mobile Concrete Labotory offers on-site quality testing of construction material, as well as technical advice on site.

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Bamburi Concrete Paved Roads

Why Concrete?

Long service life

Concrete roads can be designed to lifespans of 40 years or more and actual constructions have been known to exceed over 60 years. The rigid nature of concrete roads enables resistance to heavy axle loads from trucks and spreads them over a greater area.


Safety and Environment

The bright nature of concrete roads in significantly improved reflectance and night time visibility as compared to blacktopped surfaces especially in wet weather. The versatility of concrete is expolited to provide skid resistance through macro surface modification by grooving, tining or brushing to provide excellent skid resistance and improved traction.


Concrete is an eco friendly material which has less greenhouse gas emissions during production compared to crude oil refining for a bitumen end product.


Local Availability

Concrete is made form locally available materials i.e cement, sand and aggregates and it saves the country foreign exchange, compared to impotted bitumen.