At Bamburi Cement Ltd. we have made environmental concerns and protection one of our key business objectives. The company strives to meet the International Environmental Standards.


We have launched several projects to monitor and reduce environmental pollution resultant from the manufacturing process (for example, the $4 million spent on state-of-the-art kiln cooler dust collectors installed in July 2000 explained below), and quarry rehabilitation is ongoing.

Land Reclamation- Haller Park

The most famous example of our land reclamation efforts is Haller Park (formerly known as the Bamburi Nature Trail,) which is a popular nature recreation site for tourists and locals. Haller Park, and other projects of its kind, demonstrate the potential - and benefits - of the coexistence of industry with nature.


Furthermore, Bamburi Cement's managing company Lafarge recently signed a partnership agreement with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to combat diminishing biological diversity and forest cover around the world. Bamburi's Dr. Haller is the Scientific Advisor to Lafarge's SQRP (Strategic Quarry Redevelopment Project) group and a liaison and resource person for the WWF.