New Products- PowerWhite & Poweraft


Bamburi Cement has 2 new products. They are:


PowerWhite- a white Portland cement that binds together aggregates (sand, ballast) in a concrete or mortar mix to create a more versatile and colourful finish to concrete surfaces.

A Bamburi Cement product that can be used for a variety of construction and repair applications like creation of Terrazzo, provision of unique combination of shapes, sizes, textures & colour with the concrete, pattern versatility among many other uses.

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Poweraft- an offer that involves rapid continuous supply of mass concrete volumes to large projects.

A product of Bamburi Special Products that has been used in projects like the AVIC project and the National Olympic Committee of Kenya office block at Upper Hill. It is a unique offer to large projects that include benefits like 24 hour continuous operations, rapid continuous mass concrete pours > 2000m3 in 48 hours, highly trained and dedicated staff at all stages and so much more.


Find out more from the attached brochure