Baobab Trust


Baobab Trust

Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

The Sanctuary continues to create awareness on nature conservation for the youth of Mombasa and other peri-urban residents. School children visit the sanctuary for wildlife conservation education, and other recreational activities. During the 2017 period, infrastructure rehabilitation was enhanced by grading the 1.5km access road from the main gate to the sundowner picnic site.

This improved accessibility for school children and other visitors to the sanctuary. Sanctuary perimeter tracks and firebreaks were grown to avoid bushfires spreading. Due to increased human pressure from the neighbourhood of the sanctuary, security patrols were intensified by using a rehabilitated vehicle.

Nguuni Nature Sanctuary hosted 183 school children from various schools. A cycling event was held in October organized by Kenya Kesho School for Girls. A 7km route was created to cater for the event. Due to its success, a repeat event will take place in October 2018.

The bird’s wetland is an added attraction  and draws  different species of birds during the year. The sanctuary was listed at number 3 out of 10 in Ebird Kenya Top Hotspots at the Coast. Over160 species were registered.

Mtopanga Organic Farm

Family backyard Aquaponic System

The farm has continued to support rural grassroot farmers with Community Based Organizations (CBOs) attending induction courses at the farm. CBOs

from Marimani and Mapatano in Mwakirunge area attended trainings on various aspects of farming. 332 community farmers were trained both at the farm and in the community. Overall in 2017, five training courses were conducted providing in-depth training on aquaculture, horticulture and poultry production. In addition, 23 students were trained on general organic farming.

Educational tours were also conducted with a total of 713 visitors made up of school children and individuals participating. The Family Backyard Aquaponic System was improved by automating the water movement system and therefore reducing labour requirements while making the system more efficient.


Nesting summary


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Environmental Conservation

In our 28th year in sea turtle conservation, we continued to collaborate  with Kenya Wildlife Service, local fisher folk and other local turtle conservation groups. The Bamburi hatchery houses secured nests along Bamburi, Shanzu and Jumba Beach.


Health & Education 

The library and health clinic are supported by Bamburi Cement. A total of 7,378 students visited the library. New stocks of 16 revision books were purchased to cater for the current primary and secondary curriculum. 7,788 patients were attended to at the clinic. In addition, 1,194 children were immunized through the clinic’s outreach program.