Our industry is critical – construction materials are part of infrastructure, housing, public and commercial buildings all over the world.


Our ambition

We will continue our mission to cut net CO2 emissions per tonne of cement. We will also help our customers avoid CO2 emissions being released from buildings and infrastructure throughout their entire life-cycle using our portfolio of sustainable products and services.

Our targets

By 2030, we want to produce 40% less net CO2 per tonne of cement than we did in 1990 – representing an additional effort of 19% reduction if we consider 2014 as reference year. This will help us remain the most CO2- efficient global business in our sector. In line with the global climate agreement made at COP21, we commit to revising this target every five years to adapt to technical innovations and changes to climate change regulations.

By 2030, we want to help our customers avoid 10 million tonnes of CO2 released every year from buildings and infrastructure by using our innovative solutions.