Kenya, Uganda- Lafarge Awarded


Lafarge's two East African companies, Bamburi Cement Ltd. in Kenya and Hima Cement Ltd. in Uganda, have both won environmental awards for their initiatives within their businesses and amongst local communities, thus contributing to setting environment and social standards in the area. They were given during the environmental days celebrated in June 2004.


In Kenya, Bamburi Cement Ltd. and Baobab Farm

In Kenya, Bamburi Cement Ltd. and Baobab Farm, its quarry rehabilitation subsidiary, won national awards for best environmental practices and the role they have played in conservation. "Bamburi had set a benchmark for environmental best practices for other industrial companies", said the Kenyan Minister of Environment, Newton Kulundu.

The company was recognized for exceeding legal requirements in quarry rehabilitation through Baobab Farm, which turned the former quarries in a premier tourist attraction that attracts over 100,000 visitors each year!

Bamburi was also recognized: the partnership formed in 2002 with WWF to restore the forest landscape and preserve the ecosystem, and, in the framework of the partnership, the launching of "Green Schools", a project intended to help trees grow in arid areas of Kenya where trees are scarce and land plentiful.


Finally, Bamburi was acknowledged for the hard work implemented to reduce dust and CO2 emissions.

Uganda, Hima Cement Ltd.

At the same time in Uganda, Hima Cement Ltd. was awarded a plaque "In recognition of the exemplary contribution to environment management". Hima was the only company to be awarded a plaque. The National Environment Authority particularly commended the efforts made towards reducing dust emissions which use to be a serious issue in the country. In addition, efforts at greening the plant and tree planting involving the community were seen as clear testimonies of the company's involvement in the local life.

Such recognitions demonstrate the leading role that the companies play in their countries and their contribution to the development of national standards.