Launch of June Health & Safety Month 2011- Road Transport


June 3, 2011


The Lafarge Group launched the June Health & Safety month, this years theme is Road Transport. This will cover anything linked to the inspection and movement of vehicles on the roads, equipment checks and the safety measures of on-site and off-site pedestrians.This month long event is an excellent opportunity to respond to the many serious events on our roads by highlighting and clearly demonstrating the causes with the aim of reaching the zero incidents target.

June Health and Safety month is also an opportunity to engage everyone- customers, contractors and local stakeholders of every function, towards making a step change improvement in awareness, behavior and performance. Some of the participative Transport and Road Safety activities planned this month include Boda Boda Training, Road Patrols, Vehicle Inspections, Team Based Safety Programs etc that will parade a dedication towards the annihilate of this number 1 cause of deaths.

During the launch at the Bamburi Cement Ltd. offices, Tariq Iqbal- Bamburi's Supply Chain Director challenged employees with the following words,

"When you are on the road, always believe all others are blind and that you are the only one who is seeing."

And with that we encourage you to Be Smart and Care for your Health & Safety!

Truck Inspection at Nairobi Grinding Plant

Truck Inspection Activity at the Nairobi Grinding Plant