Maskani Initiative


Maskani - Bamburi's Affordable Housing Solution

Maskani is a Bamburi Cement initiative on Affordable Housing targeted at the:

  1. Individual Home Builder
  2. Contractors (Small, medium and large)
  3. Developers (Saccos, Chamas, Private developers, County & National Governments)

Under Maskani Affordable Housing initiative, Bamburi partners with lending institutions to provide financing to the target audience for renovating, extending or constructing their homes or commercial premises. The target audience in return benefits from pre-construction technical services such as designs and attendant costs. The customer also benefits from free on-site construction technical services during critical stages of construction and access to a countrywide retail network, provided they purchase Bamburi Cement products.

Some of the housing types that customers under this initiative benefit from include:

  • Bungalows
  • Maisonettes
  • Bedsitters
  • Apartment blocks (under the mass housing initiative)
sample hse 4 bedrooms

Customers can also benefit from different construction techniques based on their preference. Some of the construction techniques include:

  • Conventional brick and mortar
  • Alternative building material - stabilized soil blocks, EPS panels and precast concrete members


For more information on Maskani, call us on 020 8091109.