Bamburi Cement PLC


Bamburi has grown to be the leader and Industry Captain with a bold vision for the future ‘To be the undisputed leader and the preferred partner by providing innovative solutions for nation building’, and Health & Safety as its overarching value.

The company's aspiration is to conduct its business with zero harm to people. To this end, its seeks to create a healthy and safe environment for its employees, contractors, communities and customers based on a true safety culture. 

Ingrained within the Bamburi Cement's’ value system is the long-standing commitment to make positive, tangible and sustainable difference among the communities it operates in and serves, and its sustainable development agenda is organized around Social, Economic and Environmental pillar.

Its investment to sustainability is aimed at making positive contribution to nature and society. As a corporate citizen Bamburi plays an active role in meeting societal challenges, development of communities and implement proactive measures in favor of sustainability.

Bamburi is committed to the future and the positive contribution it intends to make to society, to secure the future generations in light of the challenges of rapid urbanization, environmental degradation; and have made great strides in the area of biodiversity management, improved energy consumption and resource efficiency through utilization of non-fossil fuels, including biomass as a continuous program to reduce environmental footprint.

Bamburi Cement continues to support and be part of the growth of the Kenyan economy, contributing both to the national and local county economies in terms of taxes, direct and indirect employment, support in safe construction standards, enterprise creation in the areas of logistical provision, labour provision, general and maintenance contractual services, just to mention a few areas. 

The company also has a firm commitment in complying with all applicable laws, regulations and other requirements, and conducts its business with consistent development principles. Bamburi's openness, honesty and accountability to its stakeholders is evident in its practices. This includes reporting publicly on compliance, performance and progress, and informing its stakeholders routinely about its operations and products, soliciting their feedback and encouraging positive dialogue. The company cooperates proactively with legislators and regulators to evaluate the feasibility impact and cost/benefit of proposed laws, regulations and standards.



Kitui Road, Off Kampala Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi

P.O. Box 10921-00100

Nairobi, Kenya


Tel: +254 (0) 722 205471/ 727 532130, (020) 2893000/2710487




Bamburi Cement Company Documents

Bamburi Cement Company Documents

  • Bamburi Company Profile (pdf, 9.18 MB)
  • Bamburi Cement Memorandum of Association (pdf, 8.42 MB)
  • Bamburi Cement Articles of Association (pdf, 9.35 MB)