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Bamburi Cement PLC is a subsidiary of Holcim, the global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions, and is listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

We are the leading cement manufacturing and marketing company in the Eastern Africa region, well reputed for our high quality operations, products and expansive capacity. This gives us an upper hand in serving the needs of diverse construction customers - from Individual Home Builders, developers and contractors, with an ability and flexibility to deliver to projects of any size and technical demands.

Bamburi Cement was incorporated in 1951 and started production in 1954. Today our operations in Kenya include two cement plants in Mombasa and Athiriver, and concrete manufacturing (precast and readymix concrete) plants in Nairobi (Industrial Area, Athiriver and Two Rivers) and Mombasa.

The company has three subsidiaries:

  • Hima Cement Limited (HCL) - a Uganda based subsidiary with a Plant located in Kasese, and corporate offices in Kampala.
  • Bamburi Special Products Ltd (BSP) - A wholly owned subsidiary which is the largest supplier of Ready Mix Concrete and Precast blocks.
  • Lafarge Eco Systems Limited (LES) - A wholly owned subsidiary of BCL, focusing on sustainability of land use and quarry rehabilitation. It provides market leadership in environmental responsibility as well as a point of engagement for neighbouring communities and other stakeholders.


Some more facts about Bamburi Cement Ltd

  • Strong, highly respected cement and concrete manufacturing brand in the Eastern Africa region
  • Health and Safety is our core value, and number one priority. We conduct our business in a manner that creates a healthy and safe environment for all stakeholders – our employees, contractors, communities and customers – built on a sound health and safety culture. We believe that nothing we do is worth getting hurt for.
  • Cutting edge innovation with technical and production capacity and flexibility to deliver highly demanding, large construction projects (including specific specialized demands in terms of cement and concrete needs, and conforming to different international standards over and above the Kenyan standards)
  • Been part of construction of some of Kenya’s formidable construction projects, including the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR)
  • High quality, wide and well differentiated product portfolio:
    • Application-based cement products to address specific construction need, offering the best quality for that particular application at the best cost (customized solutions addressing needs from masonry works, to bungalows and high-rise buildings, to marine structures, roads and bridges, to all types of construction)
    • Value Added Products developed to deliver appropriate construction solutions to our customers – making Bamburi attractive to developers and investors looking for new technologies and new ways of doing things.
    • Sustainable construction solutions such as Green cements, self-compacting concrete, fiber reinforced concrete, water proof concrete, and ultra-high strength products just to mention a few.
  • Rich history of sustainability – through its various efforts in environmental restoration and conservation. Here are a few examples:
    • Rehabilitation efforts – right from its beginnings Bamburi Cement has engaged in rehabilitation of its quarries, such that after it extracts minerals from the ground for cement manufacture, the exhausted quarries are rehabilitated into thriving ecosystems. The world famous Bamburi Haller Park and Bamburi Forest Trails are some of the stories of these world-class rehabilitation efforts, where barren limestone quarries were transformed into a thriving ecosystems of flora and fauna. This rich experience is also shared to others through training on environmental rehabilitation and ecosystem management. Visit www.lafargeecosystems.co.ke for more details.
    • Substitution of fossil fuels with industrial and municipal waste and biomass to power our cement plants, allowing for safe and environmentally friendly way to recover waste, and reduce our carbon footprint. Visit www.geocycle.com to read more about the work done by our waste management brand.
    • Ingrained within the Bamburi Cement's’ value system is a long-standing commitment to make positive, tangible and sustainable difference among the communities we operate in and serves, and our sustainable development agenda is organized around Social, Economic and Environmental pillars.
    • Continuous work on low carbon cements eg our DURACEM cement at 279 net Kg C02 /t, is the greenest cement currently in the market.
  • Being part of LafargeHolcim Group, Bamburi Cement enjoys access to the largest, most advanced, leading Research & Development center for building materials in the industry (based in Lyon, France) through which we are able to develop and set trends on innovative solutions for Kenya. It gives us capacity to bring to the market contemporary highly advanced products.
  • Logistics and customer service capabilities to avail our products and solutions to customers anywhere in Kenya and the region.

Our Contacts


Kitui Road, Off Kampala Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi

P.O. Box 10921-00100

Nairobi, Kenya


Tel: +254 (0) 722 205471/ 727 532130, (020) 2893000/2710487

Email: corp.info@lafargeholcim.com

Website: www.lafarge.co.ke


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