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Holcim Awards 2023

Now open for entries
Holcim Awards 2023 is open for entries with a total prize money of USD 1 million.

Holcim 2023 Awards 

Enter now to win the most significant competition in sustainable design.  

Submit your projects by 30th March 2023.




The Holcim Foundation was created in 2003 to promote thought leadership on a greener, smarter, circular, and more inclusive built environment – its initiatives include the Holcim Awards competition and the Holcim Forum series of symposiums .


Holcim Awards competition

The Foundation conducts the Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction – the world’s most significant competition for sustainable design with prize money. The prize money for 2023 cycle of USD 1 million.

The international competition showcases the important role that architecture, engineering, urban planning, and the building industry have in achieving a more sustainable future. Each competition cycle spans three years, from announcement to completion.

The competition has two categories: the Main category for established professionals, and the Next Generation category for young professionals and students. Winners are selected by international and independent panels of experts in five regions (Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East Africa, and Asia Pacific) as well as the global jury. Submissions are evaluated using the Foundation’s Target Issues for sustainable construction.

Holcim Forum

The Holcim Forum for Sustainable Construction is a tri-annual series of conferences on a specific topic of sustainable construction, conducted in collaboration with the Foundation’s associated universities. The multi-day event is an academic platform for architects, engineers, planners, and construction specialists of all generations and geographic locations. The 6th Holcim Forum on “Re-Materializing Construction” was held in Cairo, Egypt in 2019. The next Holcim Forum will take place as a hybrid event and explore the theme of “Re-manufacturing construction – Building a collective future”.


Disseminating knowledge

Through its activities, the Foundation has developed a close-knit global network of stakeholder groups, and it has grown to assume the role of information hub. The Foundation publishes booklets on exemplary sustainable construction projects, as well as maintaining a comprehensive Internet presence and Social Media engagement.


An initiative of Holcim

The Holcim Foundation was created in 2003 to promote thought leadership on a greener, smarter, circular, and more inclusive built environment. It is an initiative of Holcim and expresses our commitment to accelerating our world’s transition to a net zero and inclusive future.

Holcim is represented on the Board of the Foundation by Jan Jenisch and Magali Anderson. Further Board members include Maria Atkinson, Australia (Chairperson); Alejandro Aravena, Chile; Kate Ascher, USA; Meisa Batayneh Maani, Jordan; Stuart Smith, United Kingdom; Brinda Somaya, India; and Marilyne Andersen and Harry Gugger, both Switzerland.


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Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction

Read more about the 2021 Global and Regional Holcim Awards  and watch the announcement of all 33 Main Category winners. The winners of the global Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction showcase the cutting edge of approaches to sustainable design, green architecture, and materials innovation.

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Be sure to visit the Holcim Foundation website www.holcimfoundation.org to catch up on the latest award season and how to apply.