Customer Reward programs



Bamburi Cement pioneered a medical scheme Afya ya NGUVU for our retail customers, the first of its kind in the market.

This annual medical cover is designed as a value added service for retail customers committed to consistently achieving a monthly target.

Medical care is accessed at pre-selected service providers including Hospitals, Pharmacies and Specialists using a biometric smart card.


Through, Afya ya NGUVU medical scheme, we contribute to alleviating anxieties related to costly health care for our valued customers who are small and medium sized entrepreneurs. The scheme has enriched relationships with our channel partners.


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Zawadi Challenge is a loyalty program by Bamburi Cement that rewards our channel customers.

It is a point based program where customers earn points whenever they purchase select Bamburi Cement brands, which converts to prizes depending on the number of points. The more loyalty points one has the higher their chances to win different prizes set aside for them. 


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B-Zawadi Rewards program allows every participant to earn points as they purchase select Bamburi Cement brands in 50kg eligible promotion bags.

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