Customer Reward programs

Afya Ya Nguvu

Bamburi Cement pioneered a medical scheme ‘Afya ya NGUVU’ for its supply chain partners, the first of its kind in the market.

This annual medical cover for the customers mainly retailers is designed as a value added product. Customers make a commitment to consistently achieve an agreed target on a monthly basis to continue enjoying the cover.

Medical care is accessed only at pre-selected service providers which include hospitals, pharmacies and specialists using a biometric smart card

The scheme name is ‘Afya ya NGUVU’ loosely translated ‘health & strength’ – which is also a play on words given that our flagship brand was called NGUVU.


The Afya ya NGUVU medical scheme seeks to:

  1. Provide ‘peace of mind’ to our esteemed customers who largely fall under the category of SMEs small and medium entrepreneurs in particular in view that medical care in Kenya is expensive and in the event of critical illness. This also reduces the anxiety in the event of illness.
  2. Build loyalty amongst our customers
  3. iii) Enhance our relationship with our channel partners.
  4. Value proposition to recruit retainers to support our strategy reducing our dependence on big distributors and increasing the number of customers we directly serve.

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Zawadi Challenge

Zawadi Challenge is a loyalty program by Bamburi Cement that rewards our retail customers. It is a point based program where customers earn points whenever they purchase select Bamburi Cement brands, which converts to prizes depending on the number of points. The more loyalty points one has therefore the higher their chances to win different prizes set aside for them. 

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Bamburi Cement’s B-Zawadi Rewards Program allows a participant to earn points through the purchase of Bamburi’s select cements in 50kg eligible promotion bags.

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