Bamburi SETI 300 tile adhesive


Bamburi’s TectorCeram SETI 300 is a cementitious tile adhesive specially formulated using Portland cement, uniquely selected additives and polymers with specially graded fine aggregates, to give it unique performance attributes ideal for the intended application.


  • Internal tiling on walls
  • Internal tiling on floors
  • Tile repairs and rehabilitation works


Key attributes:

  • Comes ready to use (only add water as advised)
  • Enhanced bonding attributes compared to conventional cement paste
  • Faster application due to good spreadability
  • Excellent high strength and water retention properties
  • Suitable for fixing small to medium sized ceramic tiles on walls and floors


  • A high quality and easy to store premixed powder
  • Excellent workability
  • Smooth finish
  • Superior grip
  • Higher productivity and saves time