Our value added solutions

The Maskani initiative is a value added service by Bamburi where home builders are supported with technical assistance, including construction advice, and introduced to building materials and services providers, to make the construction journey easier.


Part of Bamburi’s innovative technical support solutions, the mobile lab supports customers in testing construction material on site and technical advice provided to achieve quality construction.

A ‘Green’ solution by Bamburi Cement which supports customers keen on cutting down carbon emissions in their overall construction, through actions like their house design and construction materials used.

This revolutionary working capital financing facility borne out of a collaboration between Bamburi

Cement PLC and Equity Bank (Kenya) Limited, supports our mutual retail customers in making cement purchases.

Navendor (Lead Retail app) is a web based technology platform that facilitates seamless transactions between Bamburi and its customers. Customers can order, track, make payments and check balances; making the experience of buying cement as simpler, faster and easier.