About Bamburi Cement PLC

Industry captain and member of the Holcim Group

Bamburi Cement is a leading cement and concrete producer in Eastern Africa that is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

A member of Holcim, the global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions that builds progress for people and the planet, from where Bamburi Cement draws its inspiration on global best practices.

Bamburi Cement is shaping a world that works for People and the Planet. It offers the widest and most innovative range of  application-based cement and concrete products, leading the industry in technical capabilities. 

We have a rich history in environmental rehabilitation and biodiversity conservation that demonstrates  our commitment to sustainability. 


Bamburi Cement, which was founded in 1951 by Felix Mandl, has a rich history in-line with Kenya's legacy  as a growing and highly progressive nation for over half a century.

Our history is an inspiring account of the pioneering spirit and vision of Felix Mandl, who despite experiencing numerous setbacks  during and after World War 2, eventually settled in Kenya and set up Bamburi Cement, which became a household brand, an industry leader  and a significant contributor to the development of the region...

As a leading cement and concrete producer in Eastern Africa, Bamburi Cement is at the forefront of innovation in construction, driven through high performance, new technologies, and sustainable building and construction products and solutions. Our products and solutions build nations.


Bamburi Cement offers the widest range of innovative application-based products and solutions specially designed to meet different construction requirements, in response to our customers’ needs. Since its inception sustainability has also always been at the core of the business strategy. In addition to its core cement operations, the company delivers this mandate through various subsidiaries.

Bamburi has grown to be the leader and Industry Captain with a bold vision for the future ‘To be the undisputed leader and the preferred partner by providing innovative solutions for nation building’, and Health & Safety as its overarching value and Sustainability guiding its strategy.

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