DURACEM 42,5 LHISR is a premium cement that is engineered for specialized applications to provide;

• Superior Sulphate Resistance
• Very Low Heat
• Excellent strength

DURACEM 42,5 LHISR combines high technical performance for projects with all round versatility in aggresive environments.

The characteristics of sulphate resistance and high strengths in particular make DURACEM 42,5 LHISR the effective solution for durability of concrete.

The attribute of low heat of hydration significantly reduces the risk of thermal cracking  in large concrete pours with lowered peak temperatures at all ages.

Composition and performances
Bamburi Cement manufactures DURACEM CEM 11118 42,5 N LHISR at its Bamburi Cement Plant in Mombasa by intergrinding Portland Cement Clinker with Blast Furnace Slag.

The products conform to the physical and chemical requirements of Kenyan Standard KS EAS 18-1 as adopted from the European Norm EN 197-1 cement standard.


  • Reduced bleeding
  • Reduced porosity
  • Improved cohesion
  • Environmentally friendly (Less C02 emission)
  • Smoother surface finish


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