Bamburi concrete brings a solution of convenience, coupled with guaranteed Quality into your construction process and is the first commercial Ready Mix Business in Kenya. Prepared at our batching Plants, our concrete mix is weight-Batched using a highly controlled and computerized process. This is then delivered to site in our transit mixers, ready for use. Using Ready mix guarantees you Quality, timely deliveries and Pumping of concrete. Furthermore you won't have to worry about concreting labor costs, Wastage of material, and pollution.

BamburiBlox are high quality precast concrete paving blocks that offer quality paving solutions. Manufactured by the Bamburi Special Products (BSP) subsidiary, these come in a variety of designs, colour and other aesthetics to cater for different tastes.

These are a variety of precast mould concrete products for different applications ranging from block drainage, hollow blocks, road kerbs, edge restraints to fencing products among others. The products are available in different specifications: Drainage and Edge Restraints, Fencing Products and Walling Products.