Bamburi Haller Park

A world famous ecological and ecotourism showcase which was once a Bamburi quarry wasteland and was rehabilitated into a rich diverse tropical ecosystem.

Bamburi Haller Park, located south of the Cement plant along Mombasa/Malindi highway is a product of the Bamburi Cement company’s effort, since 1971, to convert barren landscape of disused limestone quarries into vibrant and diverse ecosystem of forest, grasslands and ponds.


The park was the first recipient of the UNEP Global 500 Roll of Honour award for its unique, ecologically sound and successful rehabilitation undertaken.


Bamburi Haller Park offers a series of visitor experiences that include;


Wildlife sanctuary that is home to Hippos-Sally and Potty, a buffalo, Elands, Oryx and a group of waterbirds like Eagles, Herons, Egrets, Cormorants and Kingfishers. Owls Banda that hosts a Verreaux Eagle Owl.


Animal orphanage that is a quarantine and home to rescued animals, either found sick, injured, orphaned or stranded in the wild. Giraffe Feeding platform for feeding giraffes in the park, Crocodile Pens, home to over 90 crocodiles including juveniles.


Warthog boma, that hosts warthogs.