TEMBO 32,5 is a general purpose composite cement with wide applications from domestic concrete to large building and construction projects.  Bamburi Cement  manufactures Tembo 32,5 composite cement at the Nairobi Grinding Plant in Athi River.


Other Benefit

Improved sulphate resistance for pozzolanic supaset



TEMBO CEM V/B (S-P)32,5  is formulated from Portland clinker and interground with natural pozzolana a blast furnace slag according to the physical and chemical requirements of the harmonized East African Standard KS EAS 18-1 composition, specifications and conformity criteria for common cements. 

KS EAS 18-1  is an adoption  of the European Norm EN 197-1 cement standard.



TEMBO 32,5 has  a standardization mark and  the superior diamond  mark of quality as certified by the Kenya Bureau of Standards. 



Mortar Works

  • Brick laying
  • Plastering 
  • Rendering

Structural Applications/ Reinforced Concrete

  • Suspended slabs
  • Columns
  • Beams
  • Water retaining structures
  • Staircases

Medium strength concrete

  • Mass concrete
  • Domestic floors, foundations and footings

Low strength concrete

  • Poles and post foundations


Bamburi Cement manufactures TEMBO 32,5 under strict quality assurance and quality control procedures to ensure optimum product performance and consistency.




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