In 1952 an Austrian, Felix Mandel, working for a Swiss company - Cementia Holding AG Zurich arrived in Mombasa and started the construction of the cement factory, 12km North of Mombasa town behind the then undeveloped Bamburi Beach. Cement production began in 1954.


There are 6 quarries around the Bamburi factory, and rehabilitation is ongoing in 5 of these quarries: (South, Central, North, Kikambala & Vipingo quarries). The total rehabilitated area is approx.200 hectares. Two rehabilitated quarries are currently open to the public (South & North Quarry)

How it all started?

About 240,000 years ago, the entire area covered by what is now Haller Park, and much of the low-lying areas along the Kenya coast, were submerged underneath the Indian Ocean. Being so close to the equator, the conditions for coral growth were optimal, and diverse coral reefs formed. In sequence with glacial and interglacial periods, sea water levels rose and sank.


As the sea receded gradually to its present level, it left behind coral limestone beds, which Bamburi is now quarrying for cement production. Cement production expanded over the years, clearing the land and leaving an inhospitable arid wasteland only 50cm above the brackish ground water.