Reptile Park


Lafarge Eco Systems boasts one of the most modern Reptile Parks in Eastern Africa. The Reptile Park was renovated in early 2009 designed around the concept of educating the general public on the importance of snakes to mankind and their role in ecosystems. Visitors are able to view the snakes in their terrariums designed to mimic their natural environments.

The snakes are sourced from the surrounding rehabilitated forest, it also includes pet snakes that were either abandoned after their guardians relocated. It also serves as a safe home for injured snakes and those whose natural habitats had been destroyed or encroached.

Reptile Species

The unit has a population of over 35 snakes representing about 16 species of snakes found in different habitats in East Africa. These include Pythons stretching a length of over 4 m in size.


It also houses Terrapins, land tortoises, Lizards and special case crocodiles. Others include Puff adders, Gaboon vipers-Bitis gabonica, Stripped bellied sand snakes, Brown house snakes among others.


The facility also boosts of a variety of tropical lizards such as Common lizard, Savanna monitor lizards, Nile Monitor Lizards, Geckos, Sudan plated lizards among others.


There are also a variety of land tortoises including Leopard Tortoise-Geochelone pardalis, hinged back tortoises among others. Fresh water terrapins are also an exciting sighting to many in this park. This reptile Park also protects a star tortoise-Geochelone elegans , which is an endangered species( on IUCN's Red data list).