Botanical Gardens


Lafarge eco systems has spent many years working with a variety of plant species in the rehabilitation of Bamburi Quarries. This collection of vegetation is being used to put up a botanical garden especially in the context of Ecological Restoration. The gardens are being used to consolidate many functions and bring new meaning to our activities especially Conservation education component.


Several of sites are being developed as part of the Botanical Gardens. The areas being developed are at the Forest trails, Kambe Rock in South Quarry, Kaya in Haller Park and WWF grounds in South Quarry among others.


Lafarge Ecosystems has a long history in rehabilitation dating back to 1971 when active rehabilitation activities begun in Haller Park in South Quarry. The rehab activities stretched out to the North Quarry. Throughout this process, diverse species of plants have been used to establish sound ecosystems of rich diversity of plants and organisms.


Botanical Gardens in Lafarge Ecosystems is beginning to play a more educational role in function, demonstrating the latest plant collections and diversity as well as classification systems devised working on the rehabilitation of Bamburi Quarries. These approaches outline the efforts in the developments of Botanical Gardens in Lafarge Ecosystems.