There are 4 nature trails in the Forest Trails for cycling, jogging, walking and fitness. The leisure walk approximately 3.6km enables the visitor to see these alternating landscapes from empty quarries to lush forest, lakes, streams, palm grooves and plantations of indigenous trees.

Keep fit on the jungle jogging trail that’s 4 km or bike and exercise it through the Vitaparcours trail that is 1.7 km, or for the really fit there is the 10km bicycle trail. Sighting of animals such as Sunis and Duiker antelopes is a possibility in the forest and you may come across the herd of Eland and Oryx that graze there. You may hire mountain bikes to ride on the Trails or bring your own.

After your energetic or indeed leisurely walk through the trails settle down for a long cool drink at the Sunset Terrace. Set in the lush palm garden over looking the Great Lake.