Our priorities


At Bamburi Cement Ltd, we recognise our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen. In this connection, we provide limited financial and material support to projects within those areas we operate. We are also determined to contribute to the development of manpower needs.

Fighting climate change

Bamburi Cement Limited focus has been to reduce its CO2 emissions and at the same time developing solutions to conserve energy resources.



Health and safety

Health and Safety is our overarching value at Bamburi Cement Limited as it is for LafargeHolcim worldwide. A stringent safety policy is in place to promote a culture of safety and establish Bamburi as one of the world's leading companies in this domain. We also naturally have health programs that will support the health of our most valued asset- our people.






Sustainable construction

Bamburi Cement Limited will continue to contribute to designing innovative, lasting construction solutions - from alternative materials and recycling to renewable energy and optimization of thermal inertia - to efficiently reduce the impact of buildings on the environment.