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Corporate staff spread cheer to children in a Fuata Nyayo slums Children’s Home

It was a gesture well appreciated by the over 40 abandoned and orphaned children housed at the Kaloleni Care Support Center, located in Fuata Nyayo slums in South B, Nairobi, when staff from the Corporate Office visited the centre on 23rd November, with a purpose to spread the Christmas cheer.


It was an appreciation beyond words, well put by Evaline Muhonja, the Patron at the Centre, who in tears termed the visit and donations as ‘God sent'. "We did not have anything to eat even today, so you are truly ‘God sent'," she said, explaining that some of the children are on medication therefore mandatory they have a meal however small. Theirs is a struggle to get by every day at a time; and in their tiny mud walled shanty where a toilet is a luxury, a visitor, any visitor with anything small to offer is a treasured blessing. Here there is barely a space to move around comfortably; the exterior they know is a tiny corridor whose floor is a drainage channel and where a group photo is impossible to do, leave alone park a car. Visitors, however treasured, have to park out in the ‘main road' cutting across the slum.


Every year Bamburi donates to the less fortunate as a way of giving back and aiding the community that we are a part of. It was hard not to be moved by the tears of joy on the  children's faces from the small gesture we extended to them. The children who recounted their sad experiences before finding a semblance of home at the orphanage, moved most of the representatives of Bamburi. Some recounted the memories of losing their parents and being subjected to cruel treatment by the members of the community their parents had been a part of. One child told how his mother passed on and the father was jailed for life. Left all alone with nobody to care for at a tender age, he was thrown into a pit of fire to die. Luckily, some good Samaritans rescued him and took him to the Children's home.


This Children's home, unlike most others, has no sponsors and rely on well wishers to send in donations. The children endure many challenges without giving up or even a frown on their faces. Even the basic - like sanitary facilities, food and places to sleep - are hard to come by. These children live in deplorable conditions but always remember to thank God that they have a place to call home, despite the challenges.


They even said that it is a normal thing to them, not knowing whether they would have something eat or not. Most times they would just gather and pray that God would work a miracle and provide for them. I mean, we learnt a valuable lesson from these little angels. 


Bamburi Cement Ltd. contributes to youth sports development in the country

Bamburi contributed to the JKA/WF Kenya Association 2011 Karate Team with a part sponsorship of Kshs. 400,000 towards the tournaments scheduled to happen in Tanzania and Thailand. This sponsorship will help the event in covering the transport, seminar and camp training costs for the Dar Es Salaam- Tanzania event.

Bamburi Rugby Super Series

The Rugby Super Series is East Africa's premier fifteen a side rugby tournament. It is a landmark concept in Kenya Rugby modelled along the lines of the already successful Southern Hemisphere Super 14 Rugby Tournament.

The Rugby Super Series tournament kicked off in 2003 when it was sponsored by Unga Limited. In 2004, it was sponsored by UAP Insurance. In 2005, Bamburi Cement Limited, who had laid their foundation in 2004 by sponsoring a franchise, continued to build a solid association with Kenya rugby becoming the title sponsor, a position they retain to date having come on board as the title sponsor for the fifth year in a row and
thus cementing their commitment to the development of the tournament and its goals.