Wildlife Integration


We have created a functional ecosystem over the years. This includes the introduction of animals, many of them larger mammals, which were introduced as orphans or rescued, while other animals were brought in to occupy specific niches in the ecosystem.

We have recorded 34 mammal species, two of which are listed as vulnerable/endangered on the IUCN Red List and 14-amphibian species.

Several animal species such as monkeys, bush-babies and antelopes, act as seed dispersers and are intentionally used as such, while butterflies and other insects,  as well as bats, bush-babies and others act as pollinators. Diverse insects, millipedes and other arthropods as well as fungi act as decomposers in the ecosystem, turning the former quarry into a functional ecosystem.

The rehabilitated quarries are a well-documented success story and act as a showcase for The National Environmental Management Authority and Kenya Wildlife Service, who are partners in the environmental management and conservation efforts.