World Environment Day- 4th June 2011



World Environment Day is a worldwide event and is celebrated annually.


Bamburi Cement Ltd/Lafarge Eco Systems do have it in its annual calendar of events and celebrate it in June 5th. This year's  theme was ``Forests: Nature at your Service``  Bamburi Cement Ltd/ Lafarge Eco Systems found it  necessary to hold it at Forest Trails, in order  to show case existing forest plantations and rehabilitate the Great Lake venue which has been the Garden of Eden for newlyweds and party maniacs. Haller Park was open to the public.


This year, we partnered with NEMA and Provincial Environmental Committee in commemorating the World Environment Day. We had about 15 exhibitors e.g. Kenya Forest Service, Wildlife Clubs of Kenya, Kenya Sea Turtle conservation, Kenya Wildlife Conservation etc , who show cased their items and shared the knowledge with many people both  adults and children. The exhibition was of high quality and the knowledge acquired should be implemented for the better future.


The event of the day commenced with planting of trees at our quarried land, all visitors (2392 people) both school children and individual joined in planting more than 2,500 casuarinas trees which are our pioneer trees species. Casuarinas are well known for their good qualities/functions i.e. rainmaking, help in soil formation etc.

Our guest of honour was the deputy PC who was accompanied by Provincial and District Heads of department, Raphael Thyaka, John Maingi and Sabine Baer represented BCL. We had a Ceremonial tree planting where by the deputy PC together with BCL/LES staffs and other guests planted 15 different tree species around the Great Lake and this marked the launching of the Coast Province tree planting season.


The event was successful with an attendance of 2392 people at Forest Trails and 2607 at Haller Park. It was really a fun day with rains as an added blessing.