Board Committees

The Board has delegated some of its responsibilities to committees, which review the respective matters delegated to them and make recommendations to the Board.  All decisions, however, can only be made by the Board.

Each committee has terms of reference approved by the Board and the Chair of each committee is required to report on their proceedings at the board meeting immediately following the committee meeting.


Audit & Risk Committee

The Audit & Risk Committee comprises entirely of independent non-executive directors and has a member with accounting qualification who is also a member in good standing of the respective professional body.

This committee is responsible for the Group’s corporate governance, the financial reporting process, the compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, performance of the internal audit function and external auditors as well as risk management.

Nomination, Remuneration & Human Resources Committee

This Committee comprises of at least three members and its Chairperson is an independent director. 

The Committee is responsible for Board composition, appointment, succession planning and performance evaluation.  The Committee is also responsible for the Group's HR strategy, compensation & benefits policies as well as senior management talent review, development, performance evaluation and succession.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (ExCom) comprises of Bamburi's management team and is chaired by the Group Managing Director. It creates the framework of strategy, organization and objectives to ensure the successful delivery of results.