#BuiltByBamburi: We are putting innovation and digitization to work to build the nation


Bamburi Cement is shaping a world that works for People and the Planet. It offers the widest and most innovative range of application based cement and concrete products, while leading the industry in technical expertise.

Cement is a key ingredient in construction, and no one understands cement in Kenya and the region like we do.

As the leading cement and concrete producer in Eastern Africa, Bamburi Cement is at the forefront of innovation in construction, driven through high performance, new technologies, and sustainable building and construction products and solutions. Our products and solutions build nations.

Our history speaks for itself, and we take pride in the trust our customers and partners place in us to bring their dreams to life, as we continue to explore new, innovative and sustainable ways to build the nation.

We have been privileged to partner with the government, contractors and other construction experts to bring to life some of Kenya’s iconic structures, including in the recent past: The Nairobi Expressway, the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), Dongo Kundu bypass, Lamu Port, Mombasa Port, bridges like Makupa bridge, wind mills like Ngong Hills and Turkana wind mills, major roads across Kenya, airports, high rise buildings among many others.

Being a trusted reliable partner in cement and concrete comes from our high sense of innovation and expertise in what we do. We listen to our customers and provide them with customized solutions to our customers, very much aligned with their needs. We don’t tire to discover and to tailor and bring on board new cutting edge solutions.

Building for the future

More opportunities are presented by the fast-growing population, rising disposable incomes, investments in roads, rail, airports, and ports among other key infrastructure developments that support the economy.

Bamburi has positioned itself for such projects by offering application-based products among other wide array of cement and concrete products. This is in addition to solutions that solve challenges like affordability, accessibility, and technical expertise in a bid to support middle- and low-income builders, as well as projects.

The company also offers building and construction solutions that meet the next level of customer needs, including in the area of low-carbon construction. Its building solutions like its ‘Maskani’ and ‘Houses of Tomorrow’ for instance provide an opportunity to local home builders to not only construct cost-effectively using quality technical advice, but also achieve very low embodied CO2 footprint buildings. So are its cement and concrete products, be it ready-mix or pre-cast concrete, that meet high performance and diverse aesthetics needs in construction, bringing to life modern architecture.

Digital transformation

Bamburi Cement’s digital transformation initiatives are structured within the company’s Digital Roadmap 2025, whose implementation started in 2018 with the introduction of a B2B customer-facing app. As of 2022, Bamburi has introduced digitisation in all major aspects of its operations including clients, financials and suppliers. The systems improve efficiency, service delivery and customer satisfaction by focusing on customer, credit, logistics, inventory; but also the health and safety of our employees and partners. And our teams continue to work on new ways to use technology to improve or add value to our processes.

Getting adoption to where we wanted took strong communication, openness to feedback and willingness to modify, as well as razor-sharp focus on the strategic direction and the target value-add for the customer and the organisation.

As it continues to find better ways to build sustainably, Bamburi remains a ‘mover and shaker’ in an industry that has its work cut out to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for nation building.