Code of Business Conduct

High performance with high integrity is key to sustainable success. Acting with integrity creates trust, protects our reputation, lowers our cost of doing business, and enhances shareholder value. 

Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers

Holcim seeks to engage in long-term relationships with Suppliers that are committed to sustainable development. Our goal is to partner with Suppliers to deliver value-for-cost procurement for the Group and our customers, and to demonstrate responsible supply chain management.

Here is our Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers 


Code of Business Conduct for Employees

Each employee is accountable for compliance. It is our duty to act with integrity and to enable others to do the same; and it starts with behaving in compliance with our Code.

Here is our Code of Business Conduct for Employees



Holcim Integrity Line is accessible to any person, internal or external, who wishes to ask questions or make a report.

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The Holcim Integrity Line is accessed via

0800 733 255 (Global identifier code: 77084)

or via email