Bamburi Cement, Ministry of Education join hands in schools Rehabilitation Programme



Bamburi Cement, Ministry of Education join hands in schools Rehabilitation Programme
‘Cement for Schools’ targets 118 Schools with cement grants to rebuild destroyed or severely damaged structures


August 18, 2009 – Bamburi Cement in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education has today launched a programme that will see about 118 school most of which were destroyed or severely damaged during the 2008 post-election violence go through detailed reconstruction.


Bamburi Cement has contributed cement valued at KShs. 14 Million in the project known as Cement for Schools, while the Ministry of Education will provide the required logistical support.



Educational Minister, Prof Sam Ongeri (holding the flag), Group Chairman for Bamburi, Richard Kemoli (behind him) flag off trucks with cement during the launch of the Cement for Schools.


In his speech during the flagging-off of ceremony for the first consignment of cement bags earmarked for some 16 primary and secondary schools in the Rift Valley and Western and Nyanza provinces, Bamburi Group Chairman, Richard Kemoli reiterated the company’s commitment to facilitating secure and humane learning environments.


“Bamburi Cement recognises the harsh learning condition that many of our school children were exposed to following the 2008 post election violence. This is why we were happy to respond to the emergency assistance request by the Government of Kenya”, Said Richard Kemoli, “We are confident that through the Cement for Schools programme many of these school children will get a second chance undergo learning in the right kind of environment”.


An initial rehabilitation phase of Cement for Schools will focus on assisting directly affected by post elections violence. The second phase will broaden the scope to cover any other schools facing challenges with constructing or restoring vital learning buildings.


Cement for Schools Project 2009 (CFS)
This is a project in conjunction with the Ministry of Education (MoE) that aims to rebuild 118 schools affected during the post election violence.


The main areas are:

  • Supporting national recovery from 2008 post election violence
  • A win-win for our education support initiative & MoE’s goal of sustaining education for all!

Bamburi Cement is the regional leader in Cement & Sustainable Construction Our CSR policy pillars are: Safety, Health, Environment and Education

  • More than 2 % of our profits dedicated to sustainability initiatives
  • Kshs 25 million dedicated to educational initiatives in Kenya & Uganda in 2009
  • Green schools, Apprentice opportunities & Cement for schools

The Social Case for Cement for Schools Project (CFS)

  • Educational Disruption: Provide a comfortable environment for learning
  • Accommodation & Sanitation for internally displaced persons and students
  • Community: future leaders & customers experience our product